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Aliwal Shoal, also known as Shark Alley is home to many of the oceans greatest predators including Tiger sharks, Bull sharks and the stars of the show – Oceanic blacktip sharks. These sharks are resident sharks, which means sharks guaranteed throughout the year! They are pack animals usually between 5-25 sharks, and grow up to 2,5 meter in length and are extremely inquisitive.

Shark Diving Durban

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Treat yourself, friends and family to an amazing experience at sea with these adventurous sharks diving activities in KZN area.
We are just an hours drive from Durban in the beautiful South Coast where a multitude of shark species await your arrival.

Free Diving With Sharks

Enjoy an encounter without barriers, just you and the predator!

Scuba Dive With Sharks

Embark the weightless underwater world with the oceans big 5

Shark Cage Dive

The ultimate bucket list experience, no skills required and lasting memories

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This is your first step towards embarking on your discovery of the ocean. This free course will be held a day before the shark expedition and consists of one classroom session and one pool session.

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